Friday, March 7, 2008

Note The Good

Although maybe not true in your marriage or partnership, many of us tend to only note what's wrong: With how the dishes are stacked, the shirts folded, the car parked, the bed (un)made, or the lunches packed.

Consider how your relationship would feel if you decided to "Note The Good."

How? Write a note in which you point out a "good." Recognize something done right. Acknowledge a small task done well (or just done at all). Or simply say something good out loud: "Thanks for picking up your socks" ... "For coming home a little early" ... "for being positive with the kids" ... "for being a great pal."

So simple. Yet so powerful when all of us are so rushed that we usually only find time to note the bad.

Try it. And then tell us the results.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to comment that I agree with you about affirmations to each other. This world is full of everyone downing and verbally assaulting each other. My husband and I just reconciled from a separation and immediately we sought out a counselor to help us. Life is too short to let the small stuff get us. I believe all married couples should keep dating alive as well. Here is a great link for you to check out.
Thanks, Helen Marie

Kathleen said...

I couldn't agree more! I've been married for almost 30 years. Today I feel younger than ever with or without my husband. I know what it feels like to concentrate on only the bad AND only the good and trust me the more you think about the bad stuff, the more the bad stuff comes, the more you appreciate the good stuff, the more the good stuff comes. Now, we share all chores and all joy. We do laundry together, cook together, garden together and have friends together AND we both have independent hobbies and friends. Couples and parents need to STOP COMPLAINING and start rejoicing in each other and their children. Way to go! I LOVE both of your books and I haven't even read them yet! Yahoo! Positive thinking works! It's about freaking time we all use it:)