Sunday, November 22, 2015

Revving back up the Happy Couple Blog: 0 to 60 in 2016!

Well, folks -- I'm back! Sorry about that necessary little blogging-break. It's time, I hope you'll agree, to rev back up the conversation here on the happy couple blog. My plan: Starting January 1 you can expect at least 1 post per week ... and maybe even more?! (Woot!) There's much to discuss, including a book on families in the digital age (all 503 pages) I just edited and published (yep, lots to share from the 22 chapters and 47 authors who contributed their cutting-edge research about couples, families, adolescents, emerging adults, and the dynamics of relating in the landscape of social media). There's much to discuss about a new little TV gig that's been fun to co-develop with CBS here in Minneapolis/St. Paul this past year. And there's so much to consider, share, and explore given the cool research coming on the scene this past year. Holy moly ... I'm getting all revved up just thinking about all the stuff you and I need to discuss! Okay, then, I'll see y'all back here--at the good old WHCD blog--in just a little over a month.

Until then, choose happiness.