Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Happy February Happy Couple Readers! Yes, it's been a month or two (darn it - sorry) since the last post, but in the month of all-things-valentine-and-LOVEly, I'm re-committing to weekly posts as has been the "ritual" (you know what I'm talking about - oh yea) of the WHCD blog. The word re-committing is, of course, quite intentional, just like we all must be in our relationships if -- the big IF -- we want to keep them, yep, happy.

A local reporter and really intentional, cool wife and mom Angela Davis of WCCO/CBS Twin Cities stopped by the University of St. Thomas last week and we had a chance to chat about a loving little escape ritual that she and her husband of nearly 2 decades have been sustaining. She told me off camera that such escapes are indeed one of the secrets to her VERY happy marriage. I can't tell you more about those specifically; this is a G-rated Blog you know. But, very much on the record and on camera (link below), I told Angela that she's absolutely on to something that research shows is, indeed, really REALLY good for your relationship. Take a look (and then, darn it, commence booking your own little get away!):