Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gold Ribbons

Once again, Carol and I have been spoiled by our editor, Steve! He surprised us with advance copies of our new book, What Happy Parents Do (coming to stores in August). Nestled in the package was another surprise: A custom-printed gold ribbon with the inscription "What Happy Parents Do 1st Place (tie) Author Award!"

That Steve, he never misses an expression or nuance! You see, when he told us, many months ago, that the Parents edition would sport a gold ribbon page marker, Carol's spontaneous e-mail response was: "Funny, but when you (Steve) said 'gold ribbon', I pictured 'first place'! It must be the old competitive swimmer in me, always hoping for winning more ribbons."

Thanks Steve, for honoring the ribbon-seeking side of our souls. How many times will you make us remark, "We're the luckiest authors on the planet!"?

And the book? It's another work of art, thanks to Fairview Press. Can't wait for it to be on the shelves so you can enjoy it too!

Monday, May 19, 2008


We're thrilled if you're saying "Whew. A new blog post finally!"

We've been saying "whew ... the semester is finally over!" Don't mistake the sentiment; we love what we do. Shaping young minds, educating the future, discussing dialectical theory & relational messages & the circumplex model of family functioning to a captive audience of 18 year olds. It's beautiful. But also beautiful are cycles, including the magical academic calendar and yearly cycle (translation: Summer vacation!) With spring comes last day of classes, final exams, graduation, receptions, parties, happy hours, and many sweet notes from students thanking us for making an impact. And with spring comes a collective "whew" as we - students and professors - transition into a collective summer mood, enjoying up-close time with our gardens, children, friends ... back porches, front stoops, neighbors ... books, beach bags, and laptop computers (working on some new books ... TBA soon!)

Can you see the "whew" on my face in this photo as I pose happily (front row, green clogs, pencil in my hand ready to grade all of those final papers). This was the last day of class in COMM222 (Interpersonal Communication). Loved this group. And my group of family communication students (although we forgot the camera on our last day). In case you're wondering: Yes, that is a big Fat Lorenzo's pizza box in the back row. You have to have a final-day-of-class-pizza-party. I love college.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pete's Pizza

While Carol was receiving sweet gifts from her children, I spent Mother's Day with my mom at my brother's restaurant, "Pete's Pizza." She requested to spend the day side-by-side, mother and son, at the restaurant he's owned for nearly a year. My dad made her an apron that said, "Pete's Mom" and she made two batches of her famous lasagna for the lucky customers (and workers!). It was so fun for us to see my brother in business mode. He's hosted two Brownie Troops teaching them how to make pizza and he proudly displays their thank you notes on the wall. If you call Pete's Pizza, you'll be greeted by the friendliest voice, followed by efficient service and delicious pizza. I may be a proud sister, but I never lie about my pizza. Check them out!

Pete's Pizza
4902 Highway 12
Maple Plain, MN 55359
(763) 479-2221

Mother's Day is "Hear"

That was the title of the book my 8-year-old authored for and about me, presented lovingly next to a bowl of oatmeal and a chocolate chip scone in bed yesterday morning. Also on the tray were 3 homemade gift certificates (from the whole gang): 1) a certificate to spend an entire day with said 8 year old (doing whatever she wants); 2) a certificate to go to a spa (I like the sounds of that); and 3) while at the spa, my husband and son will hire a professional "mouse extractor" (the child-friendly way to say mouse-killer) to "extract" the little guys who have made our home theirs this winter ... and now spring ... and forever more if we don't get a professional in here soon.

Back to the book. Here it is in total (no edits):

Title: Mother's Day is Hear!

Mother's day is hear. The big parade is hear! And my mom is the leader and the baton twirler.

Finally it's time to go to church, the special mothers day saramony. All the moms are dressed so nice. My mom is the nicest.

Mothers day is over and I wish it was still going on. But my mom is a vary happy mom just like she always is.

The End.

[Translation: My mom used to be in the rifle twirling squad and so naturally she could lead a parade while twirling a baton. And my mom spends a lot of her lame salary on clothes. And my mom is always smiling, even when she's crabby.]

Hope you found a way to honor your unique and lovely mother, whatever her special talents (or disposition)!

Monday, May 5, 2008

You know that table ...

... the first one you see when you walk into Barnes and Noble? It says, in strong yet inviting letters: "New Arrivals." The table you always glance at first; where you check out what's hot; where you discern what thousands of other people must be reading (because if B&N puts it on THAT table it MUST be a hot new book, no?)

Of course it must be. Which is exactly where our volume II in the Happy series will be in August! What Happy Parents Do was just selected to take its place beside the other hot new books below the "New Arrivals" table sign at B&N stores all over the country!

And can you even believe that we forgot to tell you that our dear second child (What Happy Parents Do) is currently in Hong Kong, with all sorts of adorable little chinese characters in the margins, getting printed, bound, and its beautiful self all ready to make its debut back here in the U.S. in August. Ah, giving birth to a book. It's such a glorious process.

Stay tuned for news of the 3rd child in the Happy family of books .... ?