Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Challenge: ADD 25%

What Happy Couples Do and Happy Couple Co is in the holiday spirit!

To celebrate, we're raising our prices on all happy couple items at by 25% - just for one day - on Black Friday. Yep, RAISING prices. If you buy something ... a cute mug, an autographed book or three, a set of witty wine glasses ... please add 25% to your total.

No, I have not been sipping from those wine glasses.

Yes, what I have been doing is thinking about culture, holidays, relationships and choices.

Instead of shopping and being busy this holiday infamous holiday weekend, I challenge you (and yes, I'll be challenged myself) to intentionally NOT do something "out there" (shop, run errands, spend money, be busy, create stress) and instead do something "inside" your relationship life - with a family member, significant other, partner, spouse, kid, sister, mother, grandparent, BFF. You might: play cards; write letters to old friends - together; stroll the neighborhood - and hold hands!; take a nap - at the same time; paint each others' toes; just sit and chat, with no purpose but actually, fully listening.

No, I am not opposed to stimulating the economy. And no, I will not confirm nor deny the fact that my holiday shopping is done already (... ok, it is). What I am is completely in favor of is reminding myself and anyone else who'll listen that relationships are completely and totally up to us. They thrive on positivity (read John Gottman's research) and intentionality (think rituals of connection).

So, the challenge in summary: take a day that has become about door-busting and spending and reclaim it. Without spending a dime, make a wise investment: in a relationship that you take for granted. And here some more free advice: you can apply this same challenge to any other 364 days in the year. Free. Not always easy. But priceless, like good, healthy relationships always are.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Happy Couple Secret ... Revealed

So, the big news is now out … and wait until you see it.

What is IT? Stop the suspense already!

Happy Couples and our cute little company is featured in the hot, 2011-12 edition of Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE - The Urban Girl’s Manifesto: The ultimate guide to women-owned business in the twin cities, featuring more than 100 entrepreneurs you need to know.

I know, right? Sweet!

And the first five twin cities’ women to email me ( saying they read this blog and want a copy of CRAVE, I'll march right over to the mailroom and send you a copy - free! Don’t forget to include your address (it's safe with me).

Last year CRAVE twin cities sold out within weeks @ $19.95 each. Yours if you are fast and a loyal WHCD blog reader or just a lucky first-timer to this site? Gratis. You might even want to re-gift it; I'll never tell.

I know again, right? Sweet(er)!

And not only will you learn about some really cool ideas and meet smart, inspiring women on every page, your CRAVE book comes with all sorts of discounts and ideas (think holiday gifts ... to yourself, partner, colleagues or pals).

Ready, set … crav(e)mail me!

NOTE: I'm adding this sentence at 12:29 p.m. on Friday, Nov 18. All five copies have been claimed. Congratulations! Check back early and often around Thanksgiving or the day after and we'll do this again!! Too fun.

(P.S.S. Not from the twin cities? My apologies. Maybe look for the CRAVE manifesto in your city. It's HOT hot hot!)