Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Couples Get Great Deals

It's true. And who doesn't love (pun intentional) a great deal?

We promise the What Happy Couples Do Blog won't turn into a sales pitch. Forever. But, we're so excited about the upcoming HAPPY COUPLE holiday (insert fanciful thoughts of your loving Valentine here), we just launched a promotion to share the love on our Happy Couple Company site. Check it out!

Between now and Happy Couple Day (er, most people call it Valentine's Day), $10 off orders of $30 or more.

That's a deal worth loving, eh?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Couples Crank It Out

Big, fun week for Happy Couple Company! Woohoo!

1. It's almost Valentine's day, you know. So we said to ourselves: "Is there a better time to get Happy Couple Company giftware up and out the door?" Our answer: "Duh." Let's roll. We began blanketing the twin cities with some Happy Couple products, seeking some early feedback from our favorite gift stores. And, within minutes, guess what? Our first order came in from Bibelot, the hottest gift store in St. Paul. Woo hoo! We packaged them up and happily hand-delivered them down Grand Ave. Woo hoo again. Be sure to checkout Bibelot Shops if you're in town (or the handy link to the right). If you know cool gifts, you know Bibelot.
Stay tuned for more giftstore news! We'll be adding a "Find us at" list to the Happy Couple site soon. The list is expanding quickly.

2. As we approach a big launch of HCC, we continue to work on our Happy Couple company website (thanks to Tony Bruess, our 14 year old Vice President of Technology). One of our goals is capturing all of the Happy Couples behind the scenes of HCC. Here is one of them: the adorable Vice President Brianna and her happy partner Joe. Could they be any sweeter? Brianna works tirelessly as our only "employee" at the moment. B, we hope to offer benefits and an office to you soon. Woo hoo!

3. Because we, duh, all know communication is the key to happy couples, we created - just this week - the Happy Couples Communicate kit. Yes, you need this. I (Carol speaking here) need this. I should "note the good" more often, post a little love note, apologize and make things right (and get to my point ... which is often "I love you, dear, even when you drive me nuts!") Isn't this the cutest little communication kit you've ever seen? Comes in blue, and red. I like blue the best. Oh, wait, I love the red. I'll take one of both. And 1,000 more for every couple I know.

If you want to come by and assemble a few kits, swing on over. We could use all the fingers we can get.

4. Emily Balsley is our best-kept secret weapon, cranking out the brilliant designs for HCC from her studio in Madison, Wisconsin. Seriously, you send sweet Emily a question or design idea and she sends you the hippest, coolest responses in all of 60 seconds flat (including pdfs, proofs, plus a pocket full of Emily B. goodness). Emily B, three cheers to you (and your cute happy husband Stephen)!
More on Emily coming soon at

5. Whew. There is no number 5. But check back soon. Lots going on at the Happy Couple Company Headquarters!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Um, I love him.

And he loves snow!

That is all.

For now.

More soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Couple Haircuts

I've often said the secret to a great business should have something do with either food or haircuts - the two things people need, over and over. And again and again.

Today as I'm sitting in the hair chair of Johnny K ("my" hair guy), here's what I (Carol here) witnessed:

Two year old named Nissa (I know because I was aggressively eavesdropping) sitting on a booster getting her curly blonde locks clipped. Her dad strolls happily around the salon with Nissa's baby sister Gretchen (again, good over-listening pays off). "Mom" keeps Nissa occupied by holding up books, squirting 'good-smellin' stuff in the air and introduces an occasional funny-face contest in the mirror. Squirm. Wiggle. Nissa is done. Now it's mom's turn. Dad's turn - as more auditory spying reveals - was completed before I arrived. Dad now sits happily in adjacent seat, rocking sweet Gretchen back and forth. She coos. "Mom" and Nissa chat. Dad returns from next-door coffee shop with milk, cookies and something hot and frothy for "mom."

I finally can't take it any more: "Hi!" I say to little Nissa. She is shy but engages me with her big lashes. I promptly get to my real goal, a comment to the happy couple: "I can't imagine my husband ever coming to the salon with me on a Saturday afternoon, and actually appearing as if he's enjoying it!"

"Mom" and dad smile. She briefs me on their story. I knew there must be a story! What happy couple spends two hours juggling kids, water, electricity, scissors, babies, toddlers and conversation with multiple adults on a Saturday afternoon ... and concludes the outing with a smile?

A couple with a ritual, that's who.

Pre-kids and newly married, this happy couple began many a "date night" at this same salon: cuts, styles, then "out on the town" looking fabulous. Now - while Nissa sweeps and blow dries most of the salon and baby Gretchen begins a hungry howl - this young couple forges on with their date, making it a family outing. "It's just what we do."

Ah ... ritual. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone else.

Cheers to you, the happy couple with the new haircuts .. whoever you are!?