Monday, September 15, 2008

Overheard ...

... by my dear and oh-so-adorable friend Molly while she was shopping at one of our favorite local and oh-so-adorable gift shops (Patina - check it out), was the conversation of a vintage-chic 50-something couple obviously trying to purchase an engagement or wedding gift for a young couple (they said as much). They were milling around the "couple-romantic-wedding" section and settled into a debate between three weddingish-coupeish-romanticish books. Yes, What Happy Couples Do was one of the finalists. [insert tear drop and sigh]. After much discussion and a rather thorough paging through of each book - according to inconspicuous observer friend Molly - they unanimously stated out loud, for all eavesdroppers to hear, that What Happy Couples Do is not only the cutest of the three, but the smartest, has those "adorable real-life stories" and ... mumble, mumble ... Darn it! They walked out of reach so Molly couldn't hear all of the other wonderful things they were surely saying about our book. Last she saw was them purchasing a copy and having it gift wrapped. [insert more tears of joy].

Amen for friends who are willing to eavesdrop at Patina. And for readers who are willing to let us to be a bit proud of our loving little book in the hands of loving little couples.

Happy Monday, all.

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