Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rhonda Britten and What Happy Couples Do

This is Rhonda Britten, book author and founder of the Fearless Living Institute. She's also going to be the resident life coach on the upcoming season of Celebrity Fit Club. And she loves What Happy Couples Do. She also said I (Anna) was her best friend. True story. Seriously. Okay, maybe she was joking. But the words did come out of her mouth! I think that means there's some BFF potential. Here's her blog: It was great fun hearing her speak and meeting her in person. Did I mention she's from Minnesota?

Monday, September 21, 2009

"I Really Enjoyed Being With You Today"

I (Carol) learned of a delightful little ritual at an equally-delightful wedding we attended this weekend:

The priest, in an effort to create (he was highly successful!) a memorable and meaningful wedding homily, asked the bridal couple to write answers to a series of questions during the weeks before the wedding. It was apparent, from the information he then used to build his sermon, the types of inquiries he made: How did you first meet? What do you love most about this person? What is most important in your future together? What do you most adore about being with him/her?

Of course I sat up straighter (and whispered "loving little ritual," my favorite phrase) to my husband when the priest shared something Emily - the bride - had written about David, her soon-to-be husband. "I love it when he says to me, at the end of every day: 'I really enjoyed being with you today.'" She confessed: "He likely doesn't even know he makes this comment," but that when he does, it reminded her of how loving and kind he is to her.

Loving little rituals! They are the lifeblood of our relationships; they feed them with kindness and goodwill. What if we all said to one another, more often, something as simple and kind as David does to Emily? Our marriages and relationships would be much better places in which to reside, wouldn't they?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Family Event

My (Anna's) dear friend, Jessica, works at Milkweed Press. They're having an event for their children's book, Floramel and Esteban.

Come hear an enchanting tale of friendship and experience the happy sounds of a Caribbean steel band. Floramel and Esteban explores the rhythms of life on a Caribbean island and the friendship between Floramel and Esteban, a lonely cow and a lazy egret. This story is perfect for young readers (ages 7-11) and adults who are young at heart.

Author Emilie Buchwald will read and sign her book, Floramel and Esteban, and play a recording of Calypso music for all ages to enjoy. Please join us!

Saturday, September 12, 2:00 PM
Floramel and Esteban Reading & Signing
Refreshments to follow
Open Book, Target Performance Hall
1011 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55415

“Long live the artists and their encouragers; long live Floramel and Esteban!” —Debra Frasier

“Written with grace and joyful precision, Floramel and Esteban presents an unlikely pair, an unlikely musician, and an unlikely career choice in a poignant tale that will replay in your mind like a beloved melody.” —Juanita Havill, author of Grow

“Floramel and Esteban is the kind of book readers don’t often see anymore—a generous and spirited story of animals, love, island culture, friendship, and pure joy.”
—Susan Straight, author of A Million Nightingales

Friday, September 4, 2009

Come One, Come All

Come get your signed copies of What Happy Couples Do and What Happy Parents Do. We'll be there. You should be, too.

Fearless America: Setting America free one town at a time.
Thursday 9/10/09
7-9 PM (Doors open at 6:30)
The Radisson Hotel, Roseville.

Emmy-award winner, Oprah repeat guest, bestselling author, NY Times 'America's Favorite Life Coach,' Rhonda Britten, is bringing the Fearless America tour to Minnesota.
With Americans in fear over the economy, health care, housing and so much more she's decided, as a globally recognized expert on fear, to bring her fearless message to the twin cities.

Fear can be paralyzing diminishing our self-esteem and ability to make powerful decisions about our lives. She wants to support folks by showing them how fear operates, how it can be dismantled and what to do about it in any and all situations. It will be an interactive two-hours on September 10th in Roseville, MN.

If you or anyone you know are stuck, bogged down, facing hardship, please come and hear Rhonda speak and get practical tools that are immediately useful.

She looks forward to sharing 'how to be more fearless in these fearful times' with you.

Any additional info about Rhonda and the Fearless America Tour can be found at