Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling Ignored?

How nice to hear from friends and loyal Happy Couple Blog readers that you're feeling ignored! Stiffed. Abandoned! We had no idea so many of you cared or logged in. We're touched you noticed our lameness at blogging lately.

What I've been noticing lately (Carol here) is how during summer my bids for connection are more often to my neighbors, extended family, out-of-touch friends, long-seen buddies, and new acquaintances. How my attention shifts slightly from being "on" my email, text messages, and blogging urges to being on my kid at bat, my garden in waiting, my husband reading the morning newspaper on the porch. Yes, dreamy. Yes, easier. Yes, all excuses for ignoring all of you who want to read about Happy Couples!

Instead of making excuses, I'll make an invitation, a bid for connection (read back a few blog posts if you don't know about Bids): Respond to this post and ask us questions. Start a discussion. Tell us what's on your mind. Declare your favorite post. Make a request. Tell us what you notice, want to know, wish to learn (about relationships). Happy people let their feelings be known (sometimes, and with a smile, of course).

Thanks for noticing that we haven't been noticing you enough! And now if you don't respond, we'll really feel badly.


Jeffrey Murrah said...

Carol and Anna,

We can not have you feeling neglected or ignored at a time that couples NEED to be reminded of the joy of being a couple. They need the reminders of happy things. There are many books and resources that point out the wrongs and mistakes, yet few that rejoice in the things that make for 'happy couples'.

Keep up the good work.

Kristina said...

Carol, Anna! What do happy long distance couples do? I'm moving to Missouri in August (yay!) but my John and I will be long distance yet again. I think we'll be getting back into the routine of mailing silly postcards, talking on the phone for an hour and 20 minutes, and text messaging photos from our day. Does anybody have more ideas? Has anyone been physically away from their partner and had a fun way of connecting? I would love to hear what you have to say!