Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Couple Haircuts

I've often said the secret to a great business should have something do with either food or haircuts - the two things people need, over and over. And again and again.

Today as I'm sitting in the hair chair of Johnny K ("my" hair guy), here's what I (Carol here) witnessed:

Two year old named Nissa (I know because I was aggressively eavesdropping) sitting on a booster getting her curly blonde locks clipped. Her dad strolls happily around the salon with Nissa's baby sister Gretchen (again, good over-listening pays off). "Mom" keeps Nissa occupied by holding up books, squirting 'good-smellin' stuff in the air and introduces an occasional funny-face contest in the mirror. Squirm. Wiggle. Nissa is done. Now it's mom's turn. Dad's turn - as more auditory spying reveals - was completed before I arrived. Dad now sits happily in adjacent seat, rocking sweet Gretchen back and forth. She coos. "Mom" and Nissa chat. Dad returns from next-door coffee shop with milk, cookies and something hot and frothy for "mom."

I finally can't take it any more: "Hi!" I say to little Nissa. She is shy but engages me with her big lashes. I promptly get to my real goal, a comment to the happy couple: "I can't imagine my husband ever coming to the salon with me on a Saturday afternoon, and actually appearing as if he's enjoying it!"

"Mom" and dad smile. She briefs me on their story. I knew there must be a story! What happy couple spends two hours juggling kids, water, electricity, scissors, babies, toddlers and conversation with multiple adults on a Saturday afternoon ... and concludes the outing with a smile?

A couple with a ritual, that's who.

Pre-kids and newly married, this happy couple began many a "date night" at this same salon: cuts, styles, then "out on the town" looking fabulous. Now - while Nissa sweeps and blow dries most of the salon and baby Gretchen begins a hungry howl - this young couple forges on with their date, making it a family outing. "It's just what we do."

Ah ... ritual. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone else.

Cheers to you, the happy couple with the new haircuts .. whoever you are!?

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