Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cash Mob Happy Couples at "i like you" in Minneapolis!

Oooooo ... this is going to be fun! One of our favorite local gift shops with one of my all-time favorite names ("i like you" - yes, that's their name) was voted to be the site of a Minneapolis CashMob this Saturday, April 14, Noon - 6 p.m.

Besides the fact that you will like (LOVE) everything at i like you - they feature all Minnesota artists - you might just be delighted to find a bunch of Happy Couple books, happy couple juice glasses, happy couples communicate well kits (oh, yes they do!), and happy couples "crave warmth" mugs. And might we mention i like you also features What Happy Parents Do books and What Happy Women Do books, and they're serving cookies - oh happiness!? Does it get any better?

It doesn't, so I know that me, my daughter and mom (she's coming to town this weekend and who, like me, loves to shop local), will be there! Will you? One-stop mother's day, wedding day, bridal shower, birthday shopping ... and supporting local business. A serious woo hoo for everyone.

i like you
small things for a prettier life...
501 1st Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

(Don't know about Cash Mob? Now's the perfect time ( "A cash mob brings community members together much like a flash mob; however, instead of the normal flash-mob activities, the cash mob storms the doors of a preselected mom-and-pop business that is often a cornerstone of a community and its history. Each mobber spend a previously agreed upon amount, usually $20.")

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Stan Fossum said...

It's great to hear about your upcoming Cash Mob. It's been truly amazing as I've watched this phenomena grow over the past few months. So many Small Business owners have been touched, as local neighborhoods have come together in showing their appreciation with their presence and their purses. May I suggest that you consider using this site to help you spread the word and to promote your event. I built this site, so that I could offer assistance in growing the awareness for Cash Mobs everywhere. You see, it's just such a GOOD thing for everyone involved. I offer to build a FREE landing page for anyone who would like and it can serve as a digital link to all your Social Media mentions. I wish you the best for this upcoming weekend event.