Thursday, September 5, 2013

Natural Health Magazine + Happy Couples + Leslie Goldman + Cover Story!

Add all those things up and you have one really cool bit of news to share!

Fabulous and fantastic author (and I want to call "friend," although we've never actually met, but that's beside the point) Leslie Goldman has the lead cover story in this month's (sept/oct, 2013) Natural Health Magazine. "Get Closer" presents 12 smart, expert-endorsed explanations for boosting your health via boosting the closeness of your relationships. "Research shows strong relationships = better health. It's that simple," she writes. AMEN, I write. And guess who and what is featured in tip #8? Psssst ... maybe a little What Happy Couples Do, that's who. I know, right? FUN! Bravo, Leslie, for the fabulous information written in your ever-fresh, always-smart style.

Wanna know more? Of course you do or you wouldn't be subscribed to this blog. So get yourself to a newsstand pronto! Both the information in the story (and that cute orange dress on the cover - eh?) are must-haves. Credits reveal it's a Kate Spade dress and H&M cardigan. Die! I also happened to love the very last page in this issue about being a "qualitarian," which is kind of, all of a sudden, inspiring a future and possible happy couple post ... hmmm ... check back soon.


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