Thursday, October 4, 2007

We Love Our Editor

Okay, we just have to say this out loud: We love Steve Deger (and his wife, of course, the one who first told him he "had to" publish our book). Steve is our editor at Fairview Press. He's the best. Do other authors say the same of their editors? Not in any blogs we've found ... nor in person ... nor in e-mail ... nor nearly ever. But we can say it. Because it's so true. Thanks, Steve, for all the care, creativity, and attention you've brought to WHCD!

No more gushing today (check back tomorrow).


steve deger said...

Awwww...what a nice thing to say! When I read this post, I had to run and tell Leslie, "Honey! The kids are blogging about us!"

I sure enjoy working with your manuscripts. Superb ideas, clever writing, masterful execution. What editor wouldn't love working with authors like the two of you?

Risa said...

Well written article.