Friday, October 26, 2007

Will You Marry Me?

So many happy couples have told us, in interviews and surveys over the past 15 years, how the way they were engaged inspired one (or more) of their marriage rituals down the road! If the proposal happened over chinese food, all future anniversary celebrations include egg rolls and fried rice. Or if a proposal happened in a church, they recite the story each time they attend or drive by, paying homage to where "they" began (see story linked below, published last week in the Milwaukee Sentinel, about how Carol's husband proposed at a church in Athens, Ohio!)

The article in the Sentinel made us wonder how couples develop rituals out of the wildly creative (and expensive) proposals many couples currently experience? The story: Upsizing the Proposal: Popping The Question Means Engaging All of Your Resources, makes us even more curious about how proposals might predict (or inspire) marriage rituals.

check it out:

Then tell us your proposal story (whether it is sweet and simple or large and luxurious!) ... as well as if (& how) you celebrate those first beginnings in something you do currently as a family or couple?!

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Anonymous said...

I was proposed to by a stuffed plush bunny in a shoe-box, who was holding a sign that said "Will You Marry Me?" It was my birthday present for my 21st birthday. I unwrapped the box, opened the lid and there he was. I looked up and Tim was down on one knee with tears in his eyes.

I still have that bunny, and my 4 year old loves to hear the story of "Marry Bunny". We tell the story all the time, and love to talk about it some nights in bed when we're reminicing about the past 9 years since we met when I was 18.