Friday, February 15, 2008

What Happy Authors Do?

... They take their editor (Steve Deger) and his wife (Leslie) out for martinis at a favorite St. Paul cozy-hot spot. Why? Because we adore and appreciate them for all they've done for us (as people), done for us as authors and done for us and our big dream! And, of course, for all that lies ahead with Fairview Press and us. Just you wait and see.

Steve, keep doing what you do; clearly your introversion is working for you (!)


Steve said...

LOL! Thanks so much for treating us to happy hour, you two! We had a blast. Looking forward to more great things for WHCD and WHPD!

ckayser said...

WOW!!! Congratulations on all the publicity for the wonderfully fun, cute book WHCD! I'm sharing mine with my painting class ladies, and they love it, too. Who wouldn't!

Rock on and shine on with happiness! Time to prop up your feet with a relaxing glass of wine...!

Keep on, Anna and Carol,